Heera Shankh


Heera Shankh: : approx. 47 mm (L) x 27 mm (W) (W) Weight of Heera Shankh: approx. 28 gms Dimension of stand: 1 (H) x 1.9 (L) x 2.1 (B) inches


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The beautiful Heera Shankh in brown color and shade of white and yellow has a natural shining texture. Heera Shankh is a natural and rare right hand shankh found in a fossilised state in the mountains. It has shimmering crystals inside it and is said to attract prosperity and abundance. It is placed ne entrance of home or in living room or in altar or on work desk for blessings of wealth, luck and fortune.. It is believed that Laxmi sadhana done on this shankh with a black agate rosary bestows immen benefits. Know more about the origin of Heera Shankh


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