Gaumukhi Shankh


Gaumukhi Blowing Bajanewala Shankh for Pooja Temple Mandir 5 to 6 Inch Size



  • Size varies from 14 x 17.5 x 23 cms to 17 x 20 x 26 cms , Weight varies from 207 to 290 g
  • Gaumukhi Shankh imparts sound which destroys all negative energy.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh is scientifically proven useful product to regulate our blood circulation. Gaumukhi Shankh brings harmony and happiness.Gaumukhi Shankh is also helpful for reducing problems
  • Gaumukhi Shankh has utmost significance in Hindu religion.
  • it requires little effort to blow, but holding it in hand is easier due to very strong grip. This Shankh looks like face of a Cow, its called Gaumukhi Shankh


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