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Copper Plating Balls (1 Pound | 99.99% Pure) Raw Copper Metal by Upayewala

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  • ✔️ Copper Plating Balls (1 Pound | 99.99% Pure) Hot rolling produces a fine-grained structure. Uniform Phos distribution reduces sludging. Consistent dissolution. Consistent surface area. Quick-settling characteristics avoid bridging, voids and basket damage. Perfect for automated chute loading. For use in any anode basket or tray. Special process eliminates precleaning.
  • ✔️ USAGE – Copper nuggets are frequently used in metallurgical and plating applications. This copper is very pure and can be used confidently in any application where copper is required.
  • ✔️ SIZE – Each copper plating ball is approximately .75 inches in diameter. The indivdual copper plating balls will vary slightly in size and exact shape.
  • ✔️ SPECIFICATIONS – Atomic Number = 29 | Melting Point (F) = 1984 | Atomic Mass= 63.55 | Boiling Point (F) = 4643 | Density (g/cm3) = 8.94 | Analysis: COPPER 99.9900%.
  • ✔️ PACKAGING – These 1lb copper plating balls will arrive sealed inside of heavy duty BPA free plastic to prevent any corrosion or oxidation. Your order is guaranteed to be 1lb plus or minus 4%.


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