Silver Owl Bird


Silver Owl Decorative Showpiece | Home Decor | Brass Owl | Owl Bird (Silver) (Color:- Silver)


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  • This owl glass ornament is perfect for wildlife and animal lovers. This is a statement piece to be kept any corner of your home.
  • The owl should put in areas where one desires increased money circulation like on the cash register, accounting books or on the work desk.
  • The owl can also be put in the waiting room or conference room to attract clients and potential buyers. Add a fun touch to any space with the much loved, inimitable Silver Owl.
  • A perfect gift for specials in life and it will also use to gift in corporate office , wedding anniversary and festivals.
  • There’s no hard assembly or installation required with your purchase of this set , A Perfect Gift For All Occasions, Be It Your Mother, Sister, In-Laws, Boss Or Your Friends.


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