Silver Ball with Silver Cage


Solid Ball Pendant (Standard Size, Silver)



  • Kaal sarp dosha Solid silver ball Pendant is also very useful for those who have Kulik kaal sarp dosha in their horoscope. Kulik kaal sarp dosha means the position of Rahu in the second house and the position of Ketu in the eighth house. The native with this dosha in their horoscope should keep this solid silver ball Pendant in their pocket to pacify this dosha in the horoscope.
  • Delayed marriageFor early marriage wear this Pendant around the neck in the silver chain on the first Monday of brighter half. Clean it with ganga water and milk and light incense sticks and put this Pendant in the feet of lord shanker and Maa Parvati for a while and after that wear it around your neck. Offer food to poor people after wearing this Pendant to enhance its effect.


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