Kamiya Sindoor


Buy Kamiya Sindoor/कामिया सिन्दूर (1 Pcs.) best quality for Puja, Yajna other spiritual and religious activities. Duly cleaned and sainted by expert priests.



Siddh Kamiya Sindoor/kamiya sindur (कामिया सिन्दूर)Vermicompost of the Goddess Kamakhya is a very important for married people. It is also spoken in the colloquial language as Kamiya vermilion, which is found only in Kamrupa Kamakhya area. It cannot be easily achieved. Its receipt is proven by chanting 108 times of special kind of mantra. After that, married women use it to fulfil the desires.

kamiya sindur is in real form in the form of small stones, which comes from the Mother Kamakhya Temple, in the form of Prasad, there are also items of mother Kamakhya in the form of Prasad, which include Kamakhya Garments, Kamakhya Kadha and Kamakhya Yantra, but not for all the people.

All devotees are given only two things when the door of the temple opens and the two things are Siddh Kamiya Sindoorand cloth. Siddh Kamiya Sindoor is also known as Kamiya Sindoor and people who wear Kamakhya cloth are also called Ambubachi clothes.

Saffron originated in or near Persia, from where it propagated to Eurasia, and then to parts of North America, North Africa, and Oceania.The plant usually thrives in the Mediterranean maquis (a place in the Mediterranean regions with dense evergreen shrubs), and in similar climates where hot and cold summer breezes blow over semi-arid lands. The flower of the plant is purple and possesses a honey-like fragrance. The stems grow up to 20 to 30 cm in height, and they, along with the flowers and roots, develop between October and February.

According to the beliefs and unwavering beliefs that have been practiced for centuries, the compassionate mother of God, whoever uses Kamakhya vermilion, continues. This vermilion removes the problems of Vashikaran, sorcery, house-rituals, obstruction of business, marriage or love problems or other types of ghost-infested obstruction. It is commonly used in Manglik Events.

 Siddh Kamiya Sindoor Benefits:

  • Every problem in marriage is resolved
  • Eliminates the delay in marriage
  • Ends the effect of defects in the horoscope
  • Ends the troubles in business and opens new paths,
  • If you have become a debt, then it helps to remove it too,
  • Siddh Kamiya Sindoor for Troubleshoot any money related problems,
  • The court extends support to the case or any other legal matter,
  • Siddh Kamiya Sindoor for Troubleshoot any problems in love,
  • The ghost phantom problems, eye defects, black magic etc. are protected
  • Eliminates the problems of education or job,
  • Every health related problem is resolved by Siddh Kamiya Sindoor
  • People also use it in captivity or hypnosis


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