Baglamukhi Kavach Locket


Maa Baglamukhi Mandir Kavach
Colour: Silver
Dimension : 1inch x 1inch
Silver Used: 12 gms




Benefits of Baglamukhi Kavach:

  1. It gives peace, harmony and keeps away all the negative effects of planets from one’s life.
  2. It makes the wearer healthy, wealthy and prosperous.
  3. It also helps to win court cases or legal disputes.
  4. It is very useful to solve money-related problems in business and shop.
  5. It removes negative energy from the life of a wearer.
  6. It provides protection against the ill-influence of the evil-spirits.
  7. It helps to create a positive atmosphere at workplace and home.
  8. It helps to achieve success in business or professional life.
  9. It is helpful to get your love as a life partner.
  10. It protects you and your family from negative energy.
  11. It helps to get control over ill-faith thoughts.



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