Turtle For Vastu


  • ✔Upayewala Brass Tortoise for Good Luck | Handcrafts
  • ✔Brass Vastu Tortoise | Handmade Traditional Design
  • ✔Weight: 60 Grams, Color: Golden
  • ✔Dimensions: Length: 2.5 inches, Width: 2 inches
  • ✔Package Contains: 1 Feng Shui Vaastu Tortoise



Upayewala Brass Turtle for Good Luck. Turtle / Tortoise has Great significance both in Vastu & in Feng Shui. In most of the Indian temples you will find a tortoise figurine sculpted on the ground towards the center or in front of the Shiva Linga. Tortoise as creature has a long life and hence it denotes Long Life in Feng Shui & Vastu. By virtue of this symbolism Tortoise as a figurine made out of Resins, Mud, Metal or wood can be found in all homes who believe in the tenets of Vastu and Feng Shui. You can also place a tortoise family in the living space of your home to increase family harmony. This Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, happiness and harmony. It also represent symbol of protection, wealth, health and prosperity. The tortoises can also life up a century old and this symbolizes longevity for you and your family. It could also represent long lasting friendship or relationship.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 cm


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