Lead Pyramid is used to control the negative effects of the southwest corner of a building or structure. If your home is not constructed in accordance with Vastu principles, it can result in a variety of issues. The most typical of them are health-related concerns and family conflicts, to name a few. Before you move into your new home, it is critical that you verify that it is built in compliance with Vastu principles. It is in this manner that you will be able to experience perpetual serenity and harmony.

Astrologers, Panditji’s, and Vastu Shastra experts all endorse this extremely powerful treatment to control south-west vastu faults in their respective fields.

Vastu Lead Pyramids are installed in the following ways:-

  • If you have an entrance in the south-west corner of your home, office, factory, or plot, you should install three lead pyramids in the main door plate at the flooring.
  • Conceal or cover up to three lead pyramids around the outer wall of the toilet located in the south-west zone of the house or workplace, depending on your preference.
  • If your property has a lower level on the south-west side, you should place nine lead pyramids in the south-west zone.
  • Putting three lead pyramids in the south-west corner of the kitchen will help to fix the kitchen’s south-west corner problem.
  • The missing corner at the south-west corner can be repaired by affixing three pyramids to the wall or floor in the vicinity of the problem location.
  • Vastu defects of Borewells or water bodies can be healed by installing three or nine lead pyramids around the perimeter of the water body.
  • The placement of a Lead Pyramid for the south-west flaw will aid in the growth of your business, financial standing, and health, as well as the enhancement of wealth, which was previously hindered by the Vastu defect.
  • You may just set this pyramid in the South-West corner of your room and watch as its wonderful energy permeates every aspect of your home!

Material – Lead

Weight – 500 Grams

Size – 7×7 Centimeters

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 cm



500 Grams




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