Elephant Rahu Yantra


  • Height: 1 inch
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Weight: 11 gram



Rahu Dosh Yantra/Rahu Dosh Nivaran Yantra (राहू दोष यंत्र) : Rahu comes from the Sanskrit word “Rah” means hide – that refers to what is secret, mysterious and profound. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure. Rahu is supposed to be the naughty though mighty child of Maya which is not only illusion- but also any magical power or force or captivating knowledge that can be capable to turn the life of a person like the wheel of fortune for the best or the worst. 

‘Rahu Naam Vipritam’– Rahu can be compared with a coin having two sides with opposite nature- Rahu represents criminals and at the same time represents detective who pursues the criminal, Rahu is the force acting through a healer, who cures the diseases which Rahu itself signifies. So an important duality is attached to Rahu – Poison neutralizing poison that must be understood. Rahu Dosh Yantra

Rahu is called a shadowy planet, a chaya graha(Rahu Dosh Yantra), as it loves all kinds of shadowy activities. It is the ruler of the artificial lighting as it tries to imitate Sun, so all types of photography used by television and cinema, are part of Rahu’s influence. It is the planet of creativity and inspiration and is responsible for the information technology i.e. the internet and the World Wide Web as it signifies foreigners and combined activities. Rahu Dosh Yantra

Rahu(Rahu Dosh Yantra) is the planet of intuition, and may be called the master of manipulation. Rahu can be considered to be expert among the planets when it comes to scheming and plotting that is why it can be said to be the better politician than Saturn. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure, its result both good and bad manifests in such an unexpected manner that the native involved hardly has any time to react to the situation.

Rahu is supposed to maintain friendly relationship with Mercury, Venus and Saturn. It is neutral towards Jupiter and Mars, and maintains enmity with Sun and Moon. According to the ancient Vedic system, nature has three major gunas- rajasic, satavic, and tamasic. Rahu can function in all the three modes.

Rahu gives prosperity when functions in a rajasic mode, Rahu gives knowledge and wisdom when functions in a satavic mode, Rahu gives inertia, inactivity, demonic tendencies and destruction when functions in tamasic mode. Rahu likes the night time – this is probably the reason why most criminals choose night time for their activities. Rahu Dosh Yantra

Rahu Dosh Yantra Benefits:

The effects of Rahu Dosh Nivaran Yantra Planets cannot be totally erased or changed, but can be minimized or enhanced. As we have already seen that these Planets affect the mind, if the resistance or acceptance power of the mind is increased by some remedies then the effect of the Planets can also be minimized or enhanced respectively.

Rahu Dosh Yantra Details :

  • Height: 1 inch
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Weight: 11 gram
  • Quantity: 1Pcs.
  • Shipping: 3-7 Days All Over World

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Weight 11 g


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